I would like to write two words about today’s presentation.

BRAVO! Congratulations!

First of all congratulations to all the children and the teachers (or mentors as children told us) for their guidance and their work which was obvious all along.

The work that children did was not something expected from 6th grade’s students but something expected from 7th or 8th grade. Their research was comprehensive despite their age and they were all aware and well informed about the theme.

The means used, such as webpages, videos etc were all well made and well presented.

By having children make such presentations at this age it is only certain that later on their college and professional life they will have all the means to create something like a research, a paper etc.

Another thing I noticed and made me feel good is that a student who had already explained his theme to parents asked his classmate if he needs any help with his.

The children’s English language was also excellent especially having in my mind that those children started their primary education in different educational systems.

I believe that events like tonight’s are the best advertisement our school can get.


Bravo again! Congratulations!


Giannis Georgiadis


Dear ISP Management team and teachers,

Another school year is coming to its end, and I would like to seize the opportunity to congratulate you for the way you have implemented all the new teaching methods and the way you have handled the changes that occurred.

Starting with the introduction of Phases in the English language, I'm very happy to say that based on the observations I made on my child during the year, Phases had a huge impact on how the kids comprehended the English language, how they obtained and retained the knowledge and how they felt more confident with the use of a foreign language. Phases, which were all about the structure of the English language, were indeed taught with structure and coherence. The frequent revisions and small tests helped the kids to retain the knowledge and be able to follow
up without any gaps during the year. The teacher had very proficiently balanced the level of the Phases being taught with the maturity kids were demanded to demonstrate.

The introduction of Phases did not only affect the confidence and skills of the students but also brought the school closer to the way bilingualism needs to be taught and supported. During the last year ISP demonstrated its capability and its efforts to grow students in a bilingual environment. I'm certain that every year those efforts will expand, and I hope that more Phases hours will be added on the weekly programme, or the Phases concept will be applied in all English taught hours by grouping the students from the beginning of the primary school. Phases
proved to be a perfect tool to benefit all students to learn the second main language of the school. As such, it would be very helpful to implement the Phases hours at Grade 1 of the Primary school in order to benefit those kids, which have been students of ISP nursery and reception, as  well as to avoid discouraging those students, who when coming at ISP Grade 1 have no previous contact with the English language.

Last year the students of Grade 3 were in the unpleasant situation to deal with the change of their teacher. ISP managed the change in an admirable way. The management of the school kept a peaceful stance on the issue trying to keep both students and parents calm. But most important of all is that the management chose very carefully the replacement teacher, who exceeded the parents' expectations and kids loved her for her talented way of passing the knowledge. In addition to the very successful amendments ISP has implemented at the Primary school, this year I observed great progress at my youngest child's Greek writing skills, spoken English and interest in learning. I was very excited to discover during his preschool year, the interesting experiments he could demonstrate during the student-led conferences, and the steps he had followed in order to obtain all the required skills before accomplishing a task.

ISP's most fundamental resource is its people. For the last three years that my kids have been studying at ISP I have noticed that all employees of ISP at either administration, operations or transportation have been very cooperative and always very polite making every kid and parent feel like they belong to the same family. The family of ISP.

I would like to express my appreciation to the ISP management team, for all those years that the school has proved our concerns are being heard, dialogue is welcome, changes based on educational novelties are strategically applied. ISP possesses the qualities of an international school within a tender and friendly environment. ISP has managed to differentiate itself from other schools by applying the IB student's profile to itself first. I wish you whichever highest progress you're aiming for!!! I wish you to grow in all directions you're dreaming of!!!


Vassiliki Haidou